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Varanasi, Varanasi Homestay

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A family homestay, situated in the heart of Varanasi mere 12.9 miles (1 hour) from the city airport and 1.375 miles from the Varanasi railway station. Ghats are 1.24 miles and City Center (Godowlia) is 0.93 miles from my house. Homestay is ideally placed for any one looking to explore Varanasi or as a stopover on a business trip. 

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Gateway Hotel Varanasi

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Set amidst 40 acres of lush green gardens, the hotel is the veritable haven of peace and tranquility in this crowded and ancient temple city. The hotel is constructed in the holy Swastik shape (The Swastika is an ancient symbol which re-presents good fortune and blessing) having lush green gardens and a swimming pool.

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Golden Triangle

Golden Triangle

Travel Period: 3/3/2013

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Top rating! Outstanding tours! Fabulous Driver!

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