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Bikaner, Bhairon Vilas Hotel

A Heritage Haveli. The builder, Maharaja Bhairon Singh ji was a cousin of the 21st rulers of Bikaner. In 1916 he become the Prime Minister of Bikaner he was conferred with the prestigious award (K.C.S.I) Knight commander of the most exalted order of the star of India By lord Harding's & then viceroy of Governor general of India. This award was presented to him for exemplary services to the state of Bikaner. In the premise of the Hotel, there is a temple dedicated to god Bhairon. The idol placed is the one found by late Maharaj Bhairon Singh ji. This great god is worshiped to ensure peace and prosperity in the family and still a large section of the locals come daily to pay their respect at this temple bringing with them sweats & flowers.

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Excellent driver and Sightseeing with only one down

Excellent driver and Sightseeing with only one down

Travel Period: 12/9/11

Overall value: Above Average




Review by: Jonathan





Overall Experience:

Dislikes our laptop was stolen during the trip it was Disappointing. Likes: The driver the taj mahal




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